Help everyone beat the heat

The most effective way to start creating your heat illness prevention plan is with proactive environment monitoring.


HeatGuardian™ HeatShield is an integrated weather observing, forecasting, alerting solution that provides the most current Heat Stress data using calculations based on clinically gathered gold standard data over the last 30 years.

HeatGuardian proactively provides situational awareness

Occupational heat stress is the net load to which people are exposed from the combination of metabolic heat, environmental factors and clothing worn, which result in an increase in heat storage in the body.

HeatGuardian Heatshield empowers your organization with the following:

Heat stress monitoring

Personalized heat monitoring provides individualized recommendations and alerts to keep people safe while they are performing their activities.

Stay Time

Stay Time indicators clearly outline how long any individual is able to safely continue their activity  before having to begin work/rest routines.

Localized weather

On-site Micro Weather Sensors Stations collect real-time localized environmental factors, including heat stress from sunlight, temperature, solar radiance, wind speed, and lightning detection warning.

Heat Stress Precautions

Alerts recommend when an individual should seek shade, when to hydrate, and when to rest in order to stay safe in heat-related conditions. Notifications can be sent to property management to ensure the alerts are being actioned.

Proactively monitor heat conditions

Heat illness occurs when the body is no longer able to dissipate heat effectively. Sweat is no longer able to assist in cooling the body down, and a person’s temperature will continue to rise. HeatGuardian™ HeatShield monitors your worker profiles real-time. This is collected based on various factors such as current location, type of clothing and PPE, and type of activity – light, heavy, hard duty.


HeatGuardian™ system

HeatGuardian™ HeatShield  consists of monitors, sensors, accessories, and software that all work together to help you follow heat stress prevention guidelines and keep individuals safe from all kinds of environmental impacts.

HeatGuardian™ hardware monitors your environment and communicates with the Heatshield software that will promptly alert you via the web based dashboard to any heat changes that could jeopardize the safety of your employees, customers, athletes or anyone else in your facilities.

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