HeatShield subscription

As hot summers are becoming longer and more dangerous, our solution will help you monitor and prevent heat stress related incidents. 

HeatGuardian HeatShield application will give you localized climate information in connection with real-time monitoring and alerts. All data captured by the microclimate weather station is securely stored locally in the SmartCone Edge Server and can be pushed to your monitoring station or smart device on-demand.  We support 4G and 5G data streaming depending on the area where your system will be installed.

The accuracy of the system is driven by on-site Micro Weather Sensors that collects and integrates real-time localized environmental factors, including but not limited to, temperature, solar radiance, wind speed, lightning, and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature.

Heat stress and worker safety

Occupational heat stress is the net load to which a worker is exposed from the combined contributions of metabolic heat, environmental factors, and clothing worn which results in an increase in heat storage in the body.

With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, safety becomes a big concern for people who work outside in this dangerous heat. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide workplaces free of known safety hazards. Moreover, OSHA mandates that an employer of workers exposed to high temperatures must establish a complete heat illness prevention program.