About HeatGuardian

At HeatGuardian, our mission is simple: we want to protect workers and athletes from heat stress.  We collaborate with the Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit (HEPRU) at the University of Ottawa. HEPRU has been leading the charge in conducting innovative and cutting-edge research on the assessment of the environmental and human factors affecting a person’s ability to live and work in the heat.

HeatGuardian HeatShield solutions have been engineered for multiple industries that are exposed to the risks of occupational heat stress.   Our clients include utility companies, departments of transportation, construction companies, engineering firms, global logistics companies, private and commercial airlines. companies and various municipalities among others.


Construction workers are at risk of death, injuries, illness, and reduced productivity resulting from heat exposure on the job. Between 1992 and 2016, 285 construction workers died from heat-related causes, more than a third of all U.S. occupational deaths from heat exposure​

HeatGuardian gives construction companies a way to protect their workers from excessive heat.

Energy and Utilities

Many utility field workers may experience
occupational heat stress that can cause serious, even fatal health consequences in extreme situations.
Utility field workers perform physically demanding tasks while exposed to hot environments in both the power delivery and generation sectors.


Workers in the aviation sector are particularly at risk for heat stress given their regular exposure to high temperatures, heated metals, and over-heated confined spaces. Additionally, high temperatures can impact the precision required for many aircraft maintenance tasks and presents many secondary hazards.

Golf Courses

Heat stress will affect you, your staff, your turf, your equipment and your members.

Golf Course owners and operators want to maximize and protect their green fees. With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, safety becomes a big concern for people who play golf outside in this dangerous heat.  HeatGuardian gives Golf owners peace of mind and allows them to notify golf players when it’s safe to play on their course, reducing the chances of losing business because of extreme heat days.


Heat stress illnesses area real concern for all athletes, but parents need to be extra conscious of young athletes who may not know when they need to take a break. Parents and coaches need to pay even more attention to those who play sports that require wearing heavy equipment, like football. Studies have shown that the risk of developing a heat-related illness is 11.4 times higher in football than other sports combined.


In the early stages of planning and design of an outdoor event, tactics for dealing with different weather conditions should be considered and tested.  Cases of heat exhaustion remain one of the main health concerns outdoor events patrons. Event safety reports consistently reference the issue, and event organizers have addressed it by increasing the number of medical respondents and making water readily available at events.